• Michele Rusnak,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Tracy Lunoff,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Pat Werner,
    Health & PE Specialist,
  • Diana Perez,
    Health & PE Bookkeeper,
  • Ian Kahn,
    Staff Wellness Specialist,

RESOURCES - Parent & Community Connections

Active Life

ACTIVE Life’s mission is to make healthy the norm by generating a persistent demand for healthy living among all sectors of society. We envision and are committed to creating an American culture which values, demands and supports healthy for all. To accomplish this goal, we are organizing the movement for healthy change by enlisting and equipping people and places to build and sustain healthy communities.

Marathon Kids

Their mission is to build a joyful community around children and be quickly accepted into public, private and home schools as a FREE, innovative, celebratory fitness and nutrition program, resonating with the child, and with the child's family. The goal is for the child to develop the love and habit of moving through space and to carry forward the power of muscular, nutritional and psychological well-being.

Austin Association for Physical Education and Recreation

Their mission is to support Physical Education teachers in their goals: