• Michele Rusnak,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Tracy Lunoff,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Pat Werner,
    Health & PE Specialist,
  • Diana Perez,
    Health & PE Bookkeeper,
  • Ian Kahn,
    Staff Wellness Specialist,

Which Student Do You Want to Teach?

The red color represents how the brain has been “turned on” after 20 minutes

of moderate physical activity.

Are You Ready to Give A Brain Break Now?

Below are links to several brain break videos. Brain Breaks are designed to be short in duration, which allows students a chance to move and refocus their attention.

The following videos can be watched in AISD only:



Elementary Focus (K-5)

AISD Brain Break Activities

Energizers: Classroom-based Physical Activities



Break Breaks


 Adventure to Fitness Physical Activity Resource


Middle School Focus (6-8)

CATCH II (Nov. 2011) Activity Breaks

CATCH I Middle School Activity Breaks


Middle/High School Focus (6-12)

Energizing Brain Breaks Blog Videos