• Michele Rusnak,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Tracy Lunoff,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Pat Werner,
    Health & PE Specialist,
  • Diana Perez,
    Health & PE Bookkeeper,
  • Ian Kahn,
    Staff Wellness Specialist,

FITNESSGRAM 10 Training (2014-2015)


You will be able to access the FG 10 program anywhere you have an Internet connection to enter your students’ data.

Print these documents to help you to know how to navigate the new Fitnessgram10

FITNESSGRAM Additional Resources


FITNESSGRAM Requirements

The FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessment will be administered to all AISD students in grades 3-12 each school year. FITNESSGRAM assesses a student’s health-related fitness such as aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance and flexibility. Body composition will be measured to determine if a student’s body weight is healthy relative to their height. Some students may be excluded or be provided accommodations or modifications for one or all the assessments based personal needs and documentation that must be provided by a licensed physician.

Parent Notification

Parents will be notified when the FITNESSGRAM assessments will be administered. Students will be assessed at the beginning and end of the year/semester. Parents may request to receive their child’s FITNESSGRAM results from the campus Physical Educator. All results must be reported to the Texas Education Agency.

Student Attire for Assessments

Students should wear proper attire such as athletic shorts, a t-shirt, socks and running shoes during the assessments. Wearing appropriate attire will allow for students to move freely and safely.

Assessment Descriptions

All students will be taught and have many opportunities to practice the following FITNESSGRAM assessments:

Fitness Standards

FITNESSGRAM standards for various ages and gender for each assessment maybe found at FITNESSGRAM Standards. Please view the FITNESSGRAM Video for additional information.

AISD uses the body composition criteria set by the Center of Disease Control (CDC). This is the same criteria used by most physicians. The following percentiles will be used to identify your child’s Body Mass Index (BMI) on their report: