• Michele Rusnak,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Tracy Lunoff,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Pat Werner,
    Health & PE Specialist,
  • Diana Perez,
    Health & PE Bookkeeper,
  • Ian Kahn,
    Staff Wellness Specialist,
    414-4604> 414-4903


Austin ISD’s Coordinated School

CATCH Resources

Health Program

Austin ISD’s Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) is directed toward the needs of students, responsive to the needs of families, and reflective of the values of the local community.

Austin ISD in conjunction with the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC, chose the Coordinated Approach to Child’s Health (CATCH, as it’s CSHP. In accordance with state law and District policy CATCH is implemented in grades K-8.

Coordinated School Health (CSH) is a systemic approach of advancing student academic performance by promoting, practicing and coordinating school health education and services for the benefit and well-being of students in establishing healthy behaviors designed to last their lifetime. The components of the CSHP include: health education, physical education/activity, nutrition, and parent/community involvement.


All Texas school districts are required by law to implement a coordinated school health program in grades K-8. Click on to review this section; in Title 2, Chapter 38, Section 38.013 of the Texas Education Code.