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Gr 8 Pre- & Post-

Gr 8 Pre- & Post-
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History NowThe Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History online journal History Now examines the topic of Religion in the Colonial World in its most recent issue. Lesson plans, an interactive map, and much more are included in the offerings.

The American Revolution

PBS Activity Packs

Visit the PBS site to view activity packs and lesson plans.


The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson Simulation Game

Using primary documents, your students will grasp the complexity of the issues surrounding the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, using two of the eleven charges brought against him.


Freedmen's Bureau: Your source for African American History Online

The Freedmen's Bureau was established in the War Department to supervised all relief and educational activities relating to freedmen. Use this site to search for records of the Bureau.


Teaching About the Civil War with

Bring the conflict home using this unit from Students will examine primary sources, write letters, and investigate the results of each stage of the conflict.


Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877

The American Memory Collection contains documents and activities for studying the Civil War and Reconstruction. Find information on conditions in the North and South during the war, the role of African American soldiers, listen to music, and read accounts from the front lines.


Reconstruction WebQuest

In this webquest students will explore, analyze, construct, and evaluate important events that occurred between 1865 and 1877.

Archiving Early America

This site is your gateway to Early America. Access documents, maps, games, music and puzzles for student use. Click here to view the site.

Cool Current Events Site!

The Week in Rap: Current Events in Hip-HopSpark lively discussion with your students about current events. Click here to register for The Week in Rap.


New Resources from The Bill of Rights Institute


Do You Have the Right
Have you seen The Bill of Rights Institute's Student Website? Featuring audio, video, links, study help, and interactive activities,, provides the kind of interactive, multimedia pages students enjoy.


Discovering Lewis and Clark

Lewis and ClarkThis interactive website allows students to view multimedia presentations of issues related to Lewis and Clark's historic journey.

Review the experiences of the Corps of Discovery through a game.

View journal entries and drawings related to Lewis and Clark.


NY State Social Studies Regents Questions

The following Era Charts for 8th Grade U.S. History can be used in various ways, including student Interactive Notebooks, posters for class bulletin boards, and review pieces for assessments.

[Courtesy of ESC Region XIII]

Video Resources

Network Providing Commercial-Free History Programs

History channelThe History Channel Classroom is an hour long, commercial-free, copyright cleared programming block that airs Monday through Friday from 5-6 am CT.

To view scheduled programming click here to visit the Classroom Calendar:

To select from a list of Classroom Study Guides, click here.