• Michele Rusnak,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Tracy Lunoff,
    Health & PE Supervisor,
  • Pat Werner,
    Health & PE Specialist,
  • Diana Perez,
    Health & PE Bookkeeper,
  • Ian Kahn,
    Staff Wellness Specialist,

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Important Dates


The following documents are specifically designed for Middle School Physical Educators to use to ensure coherence and to provide a quality physical education program across the district:

Sorry for the inconvenience!! Our district has moved all of the Health and PE Curriculum to an internal site, Schoolnet, and it is no longer available to the general Public.

AISD Teachers please log in to the cloud and go to Schoolnet for all curriculum documents.





Mandatory Physical Education Resources

Substitute Information

Additional Activity Resources

Bill Meyer Sandbell Activities

7th Grade
8th Grade
Fitness Components

George Centeio Fitness Activities

Dynamic Warm-up Instructional Document
Plyo and Cardio Instructional Document
Muscular Strength and Endurance: Upper Body Circuit Instructional Document

Muscular Strength and Endurance:

Lower Body Circuit

Instructional Document

Muscular Strength and Endurance:

Core Circuit

Instructional Document
Agility: Cone Drills Instructional Document
Agility: Pro Agility Run
Agility: Ladder Drills Instructional Document
Power: Drills Instructional Document
Flexibility: Static Stretching Instructional Document
Flexibility: Partner Stretching Instructional Document

Laura McCabe's Yoga Presentation